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Wow. The last time I updated this was when The Legend of Korra Season 1 wasn't even out yet. And Here we are with Season 2 over LOL Yeah, it's been real busy. I apologize for not replying all of your beautiful comments and notes. I'll get to them soon. Hopefully *sweatdrops* Anyways, just uploaded a CG a few moments ago. Haven't done a err... "full CG" in while. Please do check it out :D

I'm so in love with Disney's Frozen now, it's almost ridiculous how many times I've sang the songs. Despite it's minor shortcomings from a story perspective, I do love that Frozen is pretty much Disney's full return to animated musicals for a new generation. They did test the waters with Enchanted (love tht movie to bits!), The Princess and the Frog and even more boldly with Tangled (This movie is PERFECTION!). But it wasn't until Frozen that they got a lot of things right with some added twists to the conventions that came long with a Disney movie. It's success at the box office & iTunes charts are testaments of that. However, I do agree that there are some problems here and there but that didn't stop me from loving the movie one bit.

Oh crap.

That whole paragraph above sounded like a start to a movie review :o Ok, bottom line is, Frozen is my new fandom and has cemented my faith in Disney CG movies. Tangled got me so damn excited, Wreck it Ralph shot it through the roof and Frozen sealed the deal. I haven't seen any promo for Disney's next one "Big Hero 6" yet other than concepts. But if the previous movies are any indication, it'll be awesome :D
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

A first look at Avatar Korra! :XD:…

Link via the amazing :iconrufftoon:'s journal

Please give me a moment to fanboy my guts out *inhales*


*gasps for air* *exhales*

Yes. This will be epic :XD: But according to the site, it'll be out next year? Last I heard it was supposed to be out this year ;_;

Anyways, it's been too long since I last updated. Thank you all so much for leaving beautiful comments on my version of the Avatar meme. I really did try to reply everyone but I gave up the moment it hit 150+ comments ^^; But believe me, I've read every one of them.

Btw, I've been updating my blogspot pretty often now. So feel free to drop by and check out some random art I've been dumping there.

Thanks! I'll try to keep this place more updated from here on out as well! :XD: Have fun everybody!
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Now who is EXCITED over this awesome piece of news out there? :XD: Gimme a big HOOT! LOL!

Nickelodeon has announced a Spin-off series of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" with a working title "Avatar: The Legend of Korra" slated to be released in 2011. So here's what I understand about the plot so far:

The story takes place 70 years after ATLA. A young girl named Korra who is the new Avatar has learned Earth, Fire and Water and seeks to master Air from Aang's son Tenzin (And canon depicts tht Katara is his mom wheeeee~ :D <3) in a modern world where crime and anti-benders are rampant.

U can get more info about this from the interview with Mike & Bryan here…

I'm really excited abt the fresh new direction Bryke is taking the series towards which is still set in the same world. Especially with a new cast and potentially some cameos/references to the older characters. What's getting my blood pumping even more is the potential conflict tht will arise from the series. ATLA had the war with the Fire Nation. Now tht thr's peace, non-bending people are on the rise and they dont really like the old benders (no, not the robot XD)

Me and a few friends have talked abt this b4 it was announced and thought it'll make a great plot for a new series. Sorta like the age old conflict where rapid modernization flourishes and clashes with the need to preserve culture and tradition. The old versus the new. Classic :XD:

My only concern is tht the theme might be a lil too mature for younger audiences since there is no real contrast between what is right and wrong. But I have faith in the creators tht they'll keep the tone light hearted enough for kids to enjoy. It IS a Nicktoon afterall haha

I'm gonna go all out and support this show. Hopefully it'll give studios and tv stations the idea tht there is a wide demographic for cartoons with slight mature themes and good stories that actually end. Unlike the typical episodic cartoons that end up getting canceled. Anime has been doing good stories for the longest time. It's about time the West finally caught on :D See u in 2011!
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LOL! My Llama upgraded to a SUPER LLAMA! XD Thank you all who passed me Llamas. It's so awesome to see a red cape on my Kuzco lol DEMON LLAMA! *Oh god, now I feel like I wanna watch the Emperor's New Groove" again. Does anybody know where I can find more info abt Devart Llamas?
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Hard to believe its been a year since I actually updated this place T_T A HUGE THANK YOU to everybody who has watched my devart page, commented on my art and faved them. I didnt really have the time to go thru all of em but you guys deserve so much love from the bottom of my heart :heart:

I'm gonna try and see if I can keep this place alive from here on out. So wish me luck ya? :XD:
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Awweee maaaaaan~ There's a module for twitter on Devart and u need a subscription to add it?? >.< Man, sometimes I wonder if it's really worth it to get a subscription. Will people get to know ur art better? Will u get more pageviews and comments? Hahaha I honestly dunno unless I try. High time for a paypal account no?

Anyways, for those who wanna check out my twitter. It's right here Updated very often too haha. Waaay more convenient than a blog, make no mistake abt that haha

PS: Happy mother's day to all u lucky mothers out there :XD: and to u too Mom! Love u :heart:
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*Dusts* *Sweeps* *Wipes* *coughs*

Yeap....I'm surprised too that I'm still keeping this place around haha :XD: Sorry to everybody who has ever watched me. It's been like...whut? half a year since my last deviation? o_0 But that doesn't mean I haven't been drawing hehe.

All the love and thanks in the world go out to those who commented on my works and +fav them. You guys rock! :D I apologize if I haven't been able to reply each and every one of you but rest assured I've read and appreciate the responses.

So how have y'all been during my AWOL? XD;;; I sure hope ur doing great. It's been really tough on the world today but it's good to know there's still a place you can share your artworks with and meet new people. Gotta Love Devart for that hehe.

Whelp. Until my next deviation eh? Meanwhile you can crash my spanking new art blog:

Please take a peek! :XD:
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Calling all comic book fans, movie fans, comedy fans, action movie fans and mecha fans. Believe me when I say that IRON MAN ROCKS!! XD What an awesome way to begin the summer movie lineup.

Just a few months ago, I was first skeptical about the whole thing (esp about Robert Downey Jr. being casted as Tony Stark) but all my fears were put to rest upon my first watch. It was hilarious, action packed and somewhat eye opening. And if you're a comic geek, please stay till after the credits. Trust me. You wont regret it ;)

Aaaanyways, I dunno if I'll be doing another Kiriban anytime soon. I'm thinking of dropping this DA account and starting a new one.

You see, the nick "artavias" was a nick I used to play warcraft3. Which actually was my lame attempt at turning the word "art" into something that'll fit into the warcraft universe. My original nick was -JiVe- but apparently alot of sites didn't like that in their databases. Artavias was something nobody thought up so far at the time. So it was convenient.

However lately, I've gone down a different career path which has taken my direction towards 2D art. So I've been thinking about being a lil more serious with my art rather than just drawing stuff for the fun of it. Whaddya guys think? Should I make the move to a new DA account with a proper nick/identity?
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I should really write a journal about something other than Kiribans ^^; Congratulations again to :icondark-magician-nikoru: for grabbing kiriban 7777! Right, the next one will be on a number that is auspicious especially to the Chinese. Kiriban 8888!

Next Kiriban = 8888
The Prize = You get a fanart request from moi! But with a catch; It has to be from these fandoms that hasn't been crossed out:

1) Avatar: The Last Airbender
2) Final Fantasy 7
3) Metal Gear Solid
4) Death Note
5) Ouran Highschool Host Club
6) Fullmetal Alchemist
7) Naruto
8) Star Wars

Haha I'd like to exhaust this list first before I open up the used fandoms :XD: NO GAY CRAP PLZ!! :o Shipping is fine. Oh yeah, and one fandom for One Kiriban. No combinations.

Screencap and send a note to me. No photoshop bcoz I have an eye crap like that :D

PS: Has anyone watched STARDUST yet? IT'S SO FREAKING AWESOME AND HILARIOUS!! :XD: I think I'll be doing fanarts of that movie soon. If you haven't watched it; Go! Shoo!
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To be honest, I wasn't going to set another kiriban bcoz nobody got the last one. But 7777 hits is such a pretty number to not have something to remember it by. So here I go!

Next Kiriban = 7777
The Prize = You get a fanart request from moi! But with a catch; It has to be from these fandoms:

1) Avatar: The Last Airbender
2) Final Fantasy 7
3) Metal Gear Solid
4) Death Note
5) Ouran Highschool Host Club
6) Fullmetal Alchemist
7) Naruto
8) Star Wars

Any scenarios from those fandoms are fine. NO GAY CRAP PLZ!! If u want that kinda stuff from me, you're gonna hafta pay :XD:

Screencap and send a note to me. No photoshop bcoz I have an eye crap like that :D
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Yeay! Avatar The Last Airbender, Book 3: Fire still rocks! Although there are some minor hiccups along the way but it was all great!

I found out from few friends just now that there were different writers for each episode. So that explains why some story telling styles were awesome while some were err... shallow ^^;


Like Episode 5 "The Beach" for example. My circle of Avatar-loving friends were so darn pissed at how badly written the story was. How so much character development went into Zuko during season 1 and 2, only to have him wangst-ing throughout the whole episode. How the back stories of the characters in team Azula were all compacted into the last 8 minutes. How the reasons to why they were who they are weren't justified.

Well personally, I'm immune to Zuko's emo wangsting. If u read enough Naruto, Zuko's a piece of cake. However, I do agree that character development for team Azula was horribly rushed. Which is an awful shame really.

Mai's background was pretty obvious. Ty Lee's 6 sister thing was not much of deal for me but I'd appreciate it if they kept it to twins instead. As for Azula; admitting the fact that she was hurt because her mother thinks she's a monster? Not a real problem for me if she had shown it instead of talking about it. But to be honest, I don't really wanna feel for Azula. Someone as cold hearted, scheming and conniving as her should get what's coming. Anyways, all this can be remedied by dedicating a whole episode revealing team Azula's back story, instead of siting around some campfire blabbering about it.

But What I really couldn't stand were the lousy cliches and the out of character situations. Like Zuko pulling a john woo while fangirls oogle at him? WTF? And Azula kissing a loser like Chan? Seriously. I wont argue with my pals when they say the story was written like a fanfic.

Only thing that made the entire episode decent was Ty Lee in her sexy white bikini bearing glorious clee-vahge~! :XD:


Btw, its really strange how the torrents were popping up like daisies though. I read somewhere on the LJ community that they were showing 2 episodes of Avatar per week in the UK. Is that true?

Oh my, what a long rant about Avatar haha ^^; I'll post something that's closely related to myself one day. Until then ya?
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I finally finished watching the last episode of Death Note today and strangely enough.....

I felt sorry for Light :o

Weird huh? I mean, the dude deserved what was coming. But still, I felt really sad. Amazing how Studio Madhouse managed to invoke sympathy from him despite all the merciless killings he's caused. Throughout the series, make no mistake, I was pissed at Light. But in the end, you just wished he never found the notebook.

Apparently in the Manga, the ending was less dramatic compared to the anime. Remind me to start picking the manga up because honestly, I still don't understand how did Mello's efforts helped Near in the last episode.

Either way, Death Note is an awesome anime. And from what I've read, it stayed true to most parts of the manga.

On another...errr...note ^^; I'm fanboying so badly over Annasophia's recent pictures :XD: I mean, look at this! this! and both annasophia and josh together in this!Dammit Woman! Stop looking so gorgeous every single day! :XD:

All right, enough ranting from moi. Congratulations to :icondead-dream: for grabbing Kiriban 5558. I'm glad u love the gift I prepared. Now, the next one will be:

KIRIBAN 6000!!
You know the drill, screencap the pageview and send me a note to claim ur prize!

Best of luck to y'all. Another request reward is waiting for ya :D
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Next Kiriban = 5558
Screencap and send a note to yours truly and u'll get a deviation of ur request from moi!

Well whaddya know? I finally dumped some stuff in the scraps section of my Devart. So far they're all monochrome art that I'm either planning on coloring or just simply leaving it the way it is. So go check it out ya? I'd appreciate it if y'all could leave some constructive comments for me to improve on the "work in progress" art I have there.

Psst~ :iconhikarujen: there's some Bridge To Terabithia stuff in me scraps I think u'd like to see :D

Urgghh~ Late night again and there's work in the morning tomorrow >.< It's times like these u wish u were a rich bastard who doesn't even hafta worry about cash and could spend the whole day being creative and productive in from of the PC. Oh well, one can dream right?
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Man, coming up with your own stuff ain't easy at all. I've had several ideas swirling around in my noggin but I can't seem to express them in an appealing way. So I'm curious as to how other artists are able to pull it off and get people to enjoy their original works.

If you look carefully, my gallery's full of fanart. Sure, its fun adding your own touch to something you love and getting people to share the experience. Unfortunately, you're still one step behind the true greats who even have others making fanarts of their works.

Not that I'm envious or anything of that sort, of course. But the mind does wonder. The only logic I can come up with is that these artists have experienced things that many others can relate to and somehow managed to add a lil twist that entices our interests and imagination.

Experience will come slowly with time. The trick is finding "The Twist". Hmmm.... to generate Empathy with a Twist. Haha, now that's an idea.

Anyways, this is just me ranting away. What I really wanted to do was set the next kiriban LOLZ!!

Next Kiriban = 5558

Why not 5555? Because 5558 holds a special place in my heart :p Screencap and send a note yo. This time, I'll do requests ;)
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Urgghh...I'm slacking behind deviation updates already. I guess when you're a full time 3D animator, u won't be able to leave much time for art. Sad, really.

But of course, using that as an excuse is so damn lame. So right now I'm thinking of trying out the kiriban thing as motivation to do more art during my spare time. But honestly, I'm not really sure how it works.

Here's what I understand so far; I set a kiriban number for my deviantart pageview. Anybody who manages to screencap that number on my devart page and send me a note together with the screencap gets a deviation prize from yours truly. Is this right?

Oh well, might as well whack eh? Right, since I'm a few pageviews short of the big 5K,

Ist kiriban will be: 5000!!

Lets see who gets it, if anybody's interested haha ^^;
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Oh god, it's been more than a year since I last submitted a deviation 0_0 Unfortunately I can't say I've improved much since then. Pretty much fell back to cliches and default photoshop settings. For those who watched me, I'm so sorry for not updating my devart often.

But THANK YOU SO MUCH for visiting :D I was shocked to see the page count go up despite a full year of no updates. Somebody must be kind out there to shed a lil light on my corner of the universe. I'm planning on churning more art out this year. Here's hoping things will work out hehe

Thanks y'all again for your wonderful support!
OH MY GAWSH!!! :eyepopping:

"Kreia's Shocking Discovery" has over 1000 pageviews!! :w00t:

THANK Y'ALL SO MUCH!! You have no idea what this means to me. :boogie:

To be honest, I was really surprised when this piece actually had good reception from people far across the internet to those nearby. Maybe it's the scantily clad chick factor? Maybe it has a decent composition? Or maybe Star Wars fans are just simply cool :D I dunno.

Whatever it is, thank you for letting me experience this milestone. I'll definitely churn out more stuff like this in the future. OK, gotta get back to work at my new job now. Tata!